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Fixed menu jumps and flashes when mouse scroll down/topq


Hi guys!

Need your help!

Take a look at Accounting service page...

Fixed menu flashes and jumps in chrome on mac



Do you have a link to the published site so we can recreate the issue.



I would set your menu from a div to a nav element and see if that fixes the issue. If it doesn't also switch your header from a div to a header element. You can make these changes in the settings panel for each element.


Dosnt helps frowning I have noticed that with no interactions, no such issue


The issue appears when if any on load interaction enabled...
Appears only in published site, no bug in preview mode!


@cyberdave Any ideas why thats happens?


Now it is all ok, if backgorund set to fixed position, but i need cover, what the metter, how can set it to cover and avoid such bugy flashing of fixed navbar?


Maybe by puttin an absolute 100% div inside the navbar and set a bg to cover on it.


Navbar must be fixed, can u explain what u mean?


You were asking how to pass the background to cover. leave the bg of the navbar fixed, put another div on top of it and set a bg for this div with cover property.


Doesnt helps... frowning I think it is problem with fixed background or no, if i set backgorund fixed bug disapers, but i need to be not fixed backgorund, and if i set to no fixed bug is appers, and top menu flashing...


Leave it to fix so your problem is fixed. then ADD a new div inside, covering the whole navbar, and put the bg in this new div, set to cover.


No, set to fixed all ok – no flashing, when set to not fixed – flashing, a lot of experiments frowning

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