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Fixed navigation bar and div



I have a fixed div at the top of my website for quick contact details access. Below that fixed header, I have a fixed navigation bar which will be visible no matter where a user is on a page. However, since I have fixed div of 70px i had to push down the navigation bar 70px to appear just below the div. I also had to move down the body (margin of navbar height + top header height) so that it is not underneath the fixed elements.

Moreover, I have links in the navbar linking to sections of the page. So when a user clicks on a link, it scrolls to the relevant section. My problem is that when it scroll to a section, it does not scroll to the very beginning of a section, it always scrolls lower than the beginning of the section (below by the height of the top div maybe?). So my questions is how do i make my site scroll to very beginning of a section when a navbar link is clicked with a fixed navbar and a fixed div.


Check out the tutorials. There is a video about this. :slightly_smiling:


Please include a link to your live site so we (the community) can assist you with your issue.


Can you please post the link to the tutorial?

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