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Fixed navigation help


Hello! I want to make a fixed navigation bar that is placed below hero. Here is my public share link:

How can I do that?


You have to make a copy of the menu element, but with a new class name (menu-fixed) for example. And make its position = fixed. And set its display value to none.

Then you have to add a new interaction to the "original" navmenu. An interaction, whith a scroll trigger, that affects a different element, the menu-fixed element. Then you have to set so that, when its out-of view then it will set the menu-fixed element's display value to visible/or displayed.

This is one way to do it at least :blush:
Hope that it makes kinda sense.
Very nice design btw :blush:

All the best to you.


Thanks a lot, Jonatan!


No problem, hope that it helped 😄😊

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