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Fixed position after Transform


I currently have a position:fixed element which I've applied a css transform to, to move the element when clicked however when clicked again to move the element back to it's origin it's no longer fixed, any ideas as to why this might be happening? I've Googled the issue and found this code

body.transition-end {
overflow: hidden;

however this didn't work, has anybody encountered this issue before or know of any possible fixes?

Here is the site >

Many thanks in advance


Hey @thomassquire

Can i know which element is the issue occurring on :smile:



Hi Ahmad,

Sorry, forgot to include that vital piece of information. So I have the interaction applied to 'Hamburger_holder' which is set up to effect the element named 'Page_holder' which is the element that is fixed in the beginning but after the integration is applied is no longer fixed

Many Thanks,


Hey @thomassquire

Im probably missing something but when i open the humburger and close it it still remains absolute like it did before


Like i stated above im probably missing something



Hi Ahmad,

Thanks for this. I think the issue is more around scrolling. For example if you preview the page you'll notice that only the right hand side of the page scrolls as the left side is fixed, however once you open the menu/hamburger and close it again, the entire page becomes scrollable whereas ideally I need the page to go back to how it was before in that the left fixed and the right scrollable which isn't currently happening.

Thanks again for your input thus far.

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