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Flexbox property breaks if the element isn't set visible for all breakpoints


This element has a flex property to center its content vertically.

I stops woorking if the element is set for invisible on any other breakpoint.


Can you provide a read-only link? I'm not able to reproduce that issue.


Sure Nelson, here it is? It's on the very last page:

You're trying to see the bug on Desktop but it never bugs o Desktop.

But do the same while on any device and you'll see it happen.


Hi @vincent, I have been trying to reproduce this, but have been unable to do so, is the issue still happening on your end?


Yes Dave. And I can reproduce it on any project. Here's a demo from a new site:


So this happens in Chrome up to date as well as Chrome Incog. mode.
It happens in Canary too + Canary incog.
Happens in Safari up to date too.


Thanks @vincent, I am continuing to check this. Very strange but we'll get to the bottom of it. Thanks for all the info.

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