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Flexible div height - should be possible right?


Hi All,

I am creating this layout for my portfolios project pages

I would like it so that if there is more text or less text written under the right hand image that the text box grows/shrinks in height automatically and the image expands/shrinks vertically automatically too.

Is this possible natively within webflow?

I have to have it automatic as this is applying to many portoflio pages and many tabs.

Thanks smile


Bumping this up - Would really appreciate any help. Thanks!


Can you share you public link ?


i've come up with a solution I'm happy with now - you can still check that out if you wish

its on the companybook page



Instead of using background image cover and align top, you can optionally place an image and set Width = 100% and Height = Auto. The image will scale proportionally with the width of the column.


Oh, and if you want, you can also limit the max height using a pixel dimension and set the image to auto margin and it will center in the column when it reaches the max height limit.