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Flip Box not showing backside


With the lagacy interactions it was easy (… But with Interactions 2.0 it doesn’t work.

How can I flip a div block to show the backside (the rotated div behind the originaly shown div) with 2.0 interactions ?


Hi @bobmatthyssens,

could you share a Read-Only Link to your project?


Here you are :


The problem is that you only flip the front. If you give your back card, for example, a solid color, you will see that on flip you don´t see the back with the solid color.

Flip Box is no longer working

I flip the Flip Box containing the (turned) Back Side and the Front Side.


I made a little example for you here.

Try to rebuild this for your case and the first time without interactions only hover and after this works I would add interactions.


Made a version for Hover…
Duplicated everything and duplicated all classes…
Then I added the hover style in the first version…
… and the actions in the second version…

And this is the result :


Alright :+1:t2:
I updated my example project. Take a look and try to adapt this to your project, hopefully, this works for you.


That’s a work-around… You rotate both sides separately.

My flip

  • is defined on a class
  • is part of a bigger action
  • is started by an external object

so I wan’t to flip the card as one object. This is not working.

Thanks, Maurice… But I think it’s a bug.


Yeah, I think it has something to do with IX 2. Maybe somebody else has a clue if it is a bug?