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Focus state on a touch device


Focus state on a touch device does not seem to work. Works fine viewing it in a browser, just not on a device. Any idea whats going on?


Is their an actual Focus State that works on touch devices?


I don't think there is a focus state on mobile devices OS and in their web browsers. By definition, there can't be a selected element waiting for an action.

However, if you have an iOS device, go to Settings > accessibility and look at Switch Control, AssistiveTouch and Touch Accomodations. Those are the mdoes who will display a focus state and allow you to navigate in UI and web with an assistive device—that can be from a keyboard to a simple switch you activate with your foot, or tongue.

When you're using them on web, i don't know if they use the css focus style or if they override with their own style, which must mimic the OS focus state.

Read "Item Scanning":


Thanks Vincent. I actually founf out if you use hover state that appears as focus state on touch... go figure.

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