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Folder / Page Rename Bug


There is bug when you change the name (rename) a page or move a page to another folder.


Create a Folder named "FOLDER-1".
Create a Page in "FOLDER-1" named "PAGE-1".
On "PAGE-1" create a link that points to ITSELF.... to "PAGE-1" in "FOLDER-1".

Move "Page-1" from "FOLDER-1" to "FOLDER-2".

Hover over the link and see the URL located in the Browsers Status Bar.




In Preview mode... the Editor cannot determine the "correct page".

and therefore... (Navigator->Style->Selector) "class name + CURRENT" cannot execute because

It thinks the current page is


and not


**This issue is corrected in the Exported Code. It Only Affects Preview **

@cyberdave, @webflow, @PixelGeek, @vincent, @thesergie. @thewonglv

Repost of Previous Reported Issue
Repost of Previous Reported Issue

Thanks for the heads up. smile I'll try this on my end and record a screencap to file a bug report. bug

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