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Font Awesome now supports DuoTone

Font Awesome now has a long awaited DuoTone in their collection.
I think now is a good time to have a straightforward way to manipulate fa icons the way you would with regular markup and html.

I’ve been using the legacy version of - goto the site, copy the glyph, add it to the text widget, give it the class of FA to assign the font awesome font I uploaded to the site.

This is a pain as everytime they update their font set, I have to reinstall the font.

Using their standard js package would be a lot better.


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Not native, but a workaround. If you use the svg/js settings you can use the new duotones by setting a standard class on an empty span container. You wont be able to see the icon in the designer, but it works.

I’m setting a generic character (arrows, etc) in the container to add styles and any animation and then replacing the character with a non-breaking space when it’s ready.

You change the color by setting the text color on the container and the size by the font size. Extra, but works like a charm.