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Font used on Webflow website?


Is the font used on Webflow's website available for us to use or is it "custom"?



Looks like the headers are a font called circular and the body is Avenir Next. I found this out using


I'm guessing they were added right? Don't think they're Google fonts.. @DFink


They are not google fonts, no.

Otherwise I recommend checking out for some good fonts. They can be turned into webfonts using Make sure you upload the 4 types listed in your dashboard.


@DFink Could you point me to an explanation on how to upload fonts?


Here you go

And if you are new to Webflow I strongly suggest you take a few hours and watch all of the tutorial videos at It will save you a lot of headaches while learning how to use Webflow.

Good Luck!


Quick one just to build on what @DFink said, the font used for headings (Circular) can be bought here but it costs a bloody fortune! It's one of my favourite fonts around atm, but I can never use it because it is so damn expensive.

Avenir (as @DFink said, used for body) is pretty similar and you can find that for free on the web. I also stumbled across this which is similar to Circular and maybe has a little more character than Avenir. And its relatively cheap to buy.

p.s. @DFink those links will be very very useful, thanks for sharing!!



@DFink Thanks but how do upload or set a font that is not in Google Fonts? Such as a font from


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