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Fonts from (Hoefler & Co.)

I see the forum threads about this topic have been closed. I am using Webflow for the first time and I just paid $99 to (who really really are at the top of the typeface world!) to use their fonts on a project I started working on.
I have 20 years of web dev experience, so I wonder if I can create custom CSS for the fonts? I already added the code to the head via project settings.

But… it would be nice to have being integrated as they fit well with webflow, as they both are tailored for serious professional projects.

The last request seems from 2015. Any chance webflow will integrate this?

Meanwhile I will figure out where to add custom CSS. :slight_smile:

Did you get it work?

I never integrated custom fonts via custom code, as I’m using Google and Adobe fonts, so far, what is integrated, but I integrated custom CSS on a project and per page base, what is possible and should work fine.



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I got it to work by adding CSS to the project settings code. But, since I am new to both using webflow & Hoefler I find out new things. Such as: by default (Hoefler) is set to DEVELOPMENT mode, but then you can set it to PRODUCTION and then you actually get to download the font files, which I guess (for anti-piracy reasons) are linked to the stylesheet link from Hoefler. But the good news may be that I can now upload the font files to webflow and then access them from the webflow Designer.

Moving on now, will report back! :slight_smile:

Well, this is a bummer. Before downloading font files I need to know in what directory they reside. No idea in webflow…

I think for now we can write custom CSS in the project settings, and leave the Hoefler project in Developer mode. But it doesn’t seem to update in the Designer… hmmm…

Doesn’t offer an option to download in WOFF or WOFF2 format? Because if they do, Webflow supports uploading custom fonts:

On a side note, I do agree that a integration with Pro typography tools (Adobe Fonts, typography, etc.) would be nice. You can request that as a feature on the Wishist