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Footer bottom of the page


I'm currently doing a site and I'm having a real struggle with keeping my footer at the bottom of the page.
It works totaly fine on pages with a lot of content, but on pages with small amount of item it just hang in the middle of the page and looks hugly.

I tried to put my main section and the footer in a wrapper and set the bottom padding of the main section to be the same size as the footer but it still doesn't work.
If anone have a suggestion that would be awesome.
And easier than words, here is the link to the site I'm building :

Thanks in advance for any help !


Hello @MoinardColin

You can add min 100vh on the height like so


Oh great it works totaly fine now :slight_smile:
What is this VH btw ?


VH = Viewport height
VW = Viewport width

It takes the size of your page as a reference.
Very useful For typography too.

Please if it solved you issue please hit the solved box so the topic can be closed


Thanks a lot for the help ! I pressed solved so it should be good now.
Have a nice time


@MoinardColin Yes c'est parfait ! Merci :wink:


Merci beaucoup ! :slight_smile:


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