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Form closes without a reason


Hi everyone.

Without making any change, suddenly when clicking “Request a Demo” or “Contact Us” buttons, the form is being displayed and then it looks like the page re-loads and the form closes.
Any ideas what might cause this?

This is my website link:
and this is the read-only preview link:

Thank you,


I’m having the same issue. I have two show/hide interactions that have suddenly stopped working. Appears the page now loads when clicking the trigger. Maybe it’s caused by the new show/hide interaction support for grid.


SIMILAR PROBLEM FOR ME… no response from the webflow stuff… :roll_eyes:


I’m guessing the lack of response is just because of time difference. It’s obviously a bug so hopefully it’ll get picked up soon.


I hope so… :blush:


Add a “#” character to your link, instead of leaving the link empty.


Thank you @vincent, it solved it!


Thanks to @Siton_Systems :wink:


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