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[Form] Contact form



I really need to make my contact form work as it should (webflow style!). I've created the whole form in design mode and I really need to work on the contact form now. Any advices/help/tutorials? wink



What do you mean Bartek? What do you need help with regarding forms?


If you just want to add the email address where the email will come just go to setting for this website in the dashboard.


I didn't notice the "FORMS" section in dashboard >.< Thanks! wink)) Working as a charm!


Of course you can :)

You just have to remember to change the form name of each form. When you create forms one by one they get the number at the end in the name. And when you have multiple forms on site you will be able to view them all in the site dashboard.;

Creating a step by step system

Link :: Question #1

Preview ::

Code ::

$('.q2-step1-next').click(function(e) {

		if( !$('.step1-input1').val() ) {
		} else {
			$('.step1').fadeOut(function() { $('.step2').fadeIn(); });
	$('.q2-step2-next').click(function(e) {

		if( !$('.step2-input1').val() ) {
		} else {
			$('.step2').fadeOut(function() { $('.step3').fadeIn(); });
	$('.q2-step3-next').click(function(e) {

		if( !$('.step3-input1').val() ) {
		} else {
			$('.step3').fadeOut(function() { alert('I\'m awesome. But you are awesome too! You are the person of the year 2006 in Times magazine ;) Don\'t you believe me? Check it on google!'); $('.step1').fadeIn(); });


Can you somehow get this up and running again? It seems promising wink

#11 Here it is. Question #2


great, thanks @bartekkustra that's awesome!

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