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Form data shown in notification but not in forms tab


Hi All

I am not receiving email data to my forms. Although the response message email to me does contain it - any ideas?

Thanks in advance



Are you reffering to the email that is put in the form on your website you are not receiving? :wink:


Yes, as per the screenshot above


In the settings tab of the email block make sure that it is set to "required". :+1:


Thanks it is set to required. I'm testing myself atm and inputted the email address to the form... any other ideas?


Hi @Hayden_Martis,

I took a look, and it seems the email field was renamed after the form was initially published. And the original email field name is still shown on the form submission list.

I would delete the existing form data that is there now in the forms tab and then republish the site and send a new form submission.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to take a further look.


Thats fixed it - thanks Dave.

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