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Form field inner height


Is it possible to fix the height of a form field? I'm trying to make a generic text area box bigger than the the name/email fields.


Give it a class and set it's height, simple as it sounds smile


Ha I actually tried that. I just added a second class to the field and it seems to work. Thanks!


Works if you use the min-height.


Hi there,

Although you heightened the box, didn't you however have a problem with the input text, not filling the box? Mine stays on one line:

What am I missing?...


...I found the solution from another user:

I was using an "input" field instead of a "text-area" field, didn't realize about those toolson in the "Add element" section , duh!
Thanks anyway smile


Haha, the giant input field, common Webflow mistake number 22 wink


@vincent Oh, I see.... good to know, makes me feel a little less dumb!, and - btw - thanks for solving the problem, since that user I previously mentioned was YOU! Still learning how to use the forums tools too!!! hahaha blush smiley

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