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Form Font Color! Do i have a Blackout or what?


I want my font in this form the color white?
i does not work... what do i do wrong?
it has a class... text color white?

Designer Link:

Newbie: Styling Form Text Field

You forgot to type text in

Th grey text you see is placeholder text and we can't control it in webflow

Try to control it with custom code:

::-webkit-input-placeholder {
   color: red;

:-moz-placeholder { /* Firefox 18- */
   color: red;  

::-moz-placeholder {  /* Firefox 19+ */
   color: red;  

:-ms-input-placeholder {  
   color: red;  


Is this new?
In the past we could do this?


No, the placeholder text was always not able to be controlled.

I would use the custom code that @vincent provided and that will change the grey placeholder text to the color you would like. :wink:

If you look closely on the example site you gave, the placeholder text is a grey color and when you type something in the text is a black color.


Thanks all! i really never knew this. Dame shame! :blush:


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