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Form issues (checkbox and radio button)


I’ve created a form and for some reason:

  1. the checkbox is checked when I click the label but not the box.
  2. Both radio buttons can be pushed together (the idea is only one option can be selected, isn’t it?).
  3. A second click on the radio button doesn’t turn it off.
    What am I doing wrong?

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I couldn’t get the top checkbox to work at all. The bottom checkbox worked correctly for me.

Your radio buttons are not working because you’ve got a different type of form element between them. If you delete that (as well as the second radio button), then copy/paste your first radio button and change it accordingly, it will work correctly.

I would not expect radio buttons to turn off with a second click, though. I would only expect one to turn off when the other was selected.


Group name for all the radiobuttons must be the same. Do not use the default value “Radio” (seems buggy)


That’s expected/normal behaviour. If you want them to toggle you’ll have to implement some custom code.


Thank you, @samliew, @Cricitem

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