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Form not displaying correctly - Drop Shadow and Blue Border


Hi all

My form is quite displaying correctly. It's showing a drop shadow from the top and the bottom form has an blue border.

It looks fine in Webflow preview - how on my iphone displays the errors.

Screen shots attached.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Here is my public share link:
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src="/uploads/webflow1/original/2X/2/26a84e37330406015a46ff4ac1f9f8be077e26fe.png" width="281" height="500">


I don't have an iPhone on me, so I can't test the drop-shadow issue, but I believe the reason for the blue outline is that you've got autofocus selected on both of those fields. Deselect that and see what happens.


Hi @Hayden_Martis that's usually what happens by default and the Safari mobile browser is adding those extra styles.


ugh - ok thanks good to know


thanks! that fixed the blue banding :slightly_smiling:


You may be able to hijack that by applying your own inner-shadow and just setting the values to zero.


No joy there - but thanks


Hi all - does this make sense to anyone?


Hi All - the above code solves the problem. Enter inside you pages custom head tag.


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