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Form POST to Wisely re-directing to Wisely hosted page


We are currently creating subscribe modals using, and when the forms POST - they redirect the user to the page.

You can view the actions at the following URL:

I’ve followed the following form post about having the action set to HTTPS:// but I’m still having issues: Form POST to mailchimp re-directing to mailchimp hosted signup

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

@samliew, Would you happen to know?

Thanks Webflowers :blush:


Seems like the Webflow form AJAX works only if submitting to Webflow. The form will redirect to the action page if it is set.

A possible workaround is to code your own form submission AJAX handler so that you can do it in the background without having to leave the page.


Oh, awesome! Sounds good.

Like so (with the following between a script tags):

makeWebdflowFormAjax = function( forms, successCallback, errorCallback ) {
		var form = $(this);
		form.on("submit", function(){
			var container = 	form.parent();
			var doneBlock  =	$(".w-form-done", container);
			var failBlock  =	$(".w-form-fail", container);
			var action = 		form.attr("action");
			var method = 		form.attr("method");
			var data = 			form.serialize();
			// call via ajax
				type: method,
				url: action,
				data: data,
				success: function (resultData) {
					if (typeof successCallback === 'function') {
						// call custom callback
						result = successCallback(resultData);
						if ( ! result ) {
							// show error (fail) block;
					// show success (done) block

				error: function (e) {
					// call custom callback
					if (typeof errorCallback === 'function') {
					// show error (fail) block;
			// prevent default webdlow action
			return false;