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Form Select (dropdown) button ignores styling on IOS


I have styled a form with inputs and buttons and a select (dropdown) button. The problem is, on mobile browsers (Chrome and Safari) on iPhone, the select button shows default styling and ignores the ones given in Webflow.

How it should look:
Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 13.53.05

How it looks on mobile (iPhone)

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Hi @Bee_Neat!

You can add on custom code to disable IOS WebKit appearence:

.input-checkbox {
-webkit-appearance: none;

Eve Kayser

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Having the same problem. Where do you add this code to make it work? I added it to the head code and it didn’t work.

Hi @americanupstarts. Yes, it was supposed to work adding in the <head> of the project.

Eve Kayser