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Form "select" field not displaying on tablet/phone


Hello there Webflow community!

I just finished building my first Webflow site (my personal UX/UI portfolio site), and I'm just about ready to go "live" except for this tiny nuisance that I can't figure out.

On my Contact form (, I have a "select" field for Project Budget. Seems to work fine on Desktop, but on Tablet or Phone, when I choose one of the items, it remains blank (doesn't show me which one is selected).

Is this just a bug, or am I doing something wrong? This is driving me NUTS! :-/


Hey @LynnUX!

Congratz on finishing your portfolio! :slightly_smiling: :boom: :)
Can you send us the site read-only link so we can take a look?



Doh! Didn't know I could do that :slightly_smiling: Here's the read-only link!

Thanks a bunch, guys!


Thanks @LynnUX, that helps a lot :slightly_smiling: Could you try removing the top and bottom padding on the text field class on the select and then republish, and see if that helps?


Ahhhhh.... you ROCK!! That fixed everything! :slightly_smiling: Thank you so very much for the quick reply... I'm now officially ready to launch this baby!



@LynnUX, coolness :slightly_smiling: I am glad to help anytime :slightly_smiling: PS. if you want to keep the padding for desktop view, and remove the padding for mobile views, you can remove that padding starting at tablet view and lower.


That's true, although I probably don't need it there anyway... but I had totally forgotten to re-adjust that for mobile, which you caught right away! Thanks again!!

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