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Form Submission notification emails not being received


My client is reporting that they are not receiving emails when a form submission has been received. I see the successful form submissions in the submission data for the site, and when I input my email into the “send form submissions to:” section they come through just fine. However, the client’s email address ( does not appear to be receiving the notifications. The site is and the form is on the contact page. This site is hosted through Webflow.

Hi @deanna can you add a screenshot of the settings tab for forms here so we can see how it is labeled in there for this email?

Also, could you have the client check their filter and spam settings? They may be a bit too restrictive?

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Hi Brandon,

Screen shot attached. I have asked the client to check filter and spam settings and got the following response:
I didn’t see any e-mails getting stuck in our spam filter, and the delivery logs on the server don’t show any e-mails from that address. It doesn’t make sense that other external e-mail addresses are able to send to but your e-mails don’t make it there. We have our firewall restricting delivery JUST from the IPs that our spam filter are delivering on, so if you are trying to make a direct connection to our mail server (For instance via telnet on port 25), then that won’t work unless we whitelist your IP. But if you are just telling your mail client to send to then there must be something else that is wrong because as I said, other external addresses are able to send to that address.

Hi @deanna could you set it up for me to receive a submission. Set it for

Once you do, Ill send a submission through the site and see what comes my way.


Just added your email as you requested.

Hi @deanna, I did receive the email as intended.


There has to be an issue on their end. This is not a Webflow issue.

Something if causing them to not to receive these messages. How many forms do you have on their site?

Ok thank you. I had suspected as much. There is just the 1 form on this site.

@deanna, sounds like the filtering of those IP addresses, might be causing an issue, although not sure why.

They should place the as a white listed email address.

Also, if they plan to reply to these messages directly you will need to update the site form field for reply.

Ok. How do I update the form for reply?

@deanna reference this video:

Hi there @WebDev_Brandon, I have noticed this before. I have a theory:

What seems to happen is that when an email is received from the webflow hosted website the first time around everything is fine, but site owners tend to reply on that email back to the person who submitted the form…

These users then get the original email sent by Webflow with the ‘Unsubscribe’ button at the bottom and click it for some reason. This causes the receiver to stop receiving emails from Webflow as they have indirectly been unsubscribed by someone else.

Your thoughts?


Alternatively to avoid the scenario above, you could opt to use a service such as

You know @Cloudfusion, you could be very right on this.

I didnt even think about this until you mentioned it. And this has happened before with other users. They hit the unsubscribe button and therefore are no longer able to receive those messages.

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When the GDPR compliance happened, that (unsubscribe) was added to the email. I switched clients over to right after that. As a result I have not experienced this issue first hand.

@WebDev_Brandon is right about “has happened before with other users”. I remember similar posts.

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