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Form submissions not Working . Can't press the submission button

Here is the shared URL:

I having working for this web for a while, and unlucky I got stuck in the Form submission, after filling the form I can’t press the submission button, I need help very bad…

Thx for any tips and way to solve this problem!!! (Sorry for bad English and being a noob on webFlow)

Big Thanks!

Hi @ocram_sheep,

The reason your form doesn’t validate is that you have a redirect url in the form settings.


If you have no intention of using a form validation page, you can just empty that field and it should work.

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I tried , and still nothing happened after pressing the button…

@ocram_sheep - can you share the published site link?

@ocram_sheep - you have hidden fields that are required that are preventing the form submission:


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OMG big thx!! I know it looks stupid, but you save my life!

No problem, glad I could help. :webflow_heart: