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Form submissions to third-party service with native interactions


Hey guys! Today I figured out a way to send form submissions to Basin (a 3rd-party form hosting service) using Webflow’s built-in tools without the need to redirect people to a thank you page. I thought I’d share this for anyone else trying to cope with Webflow no longer accepting form submissions from forms hosted outside of their environment.

If you follow these steps, your forms will work with Basin exactly as they did using the native Webflow form system, including the error and success messages.

  1. Set-up a Basin ( account and make a form. Get the form’s URL endpoint from Basin’s site. It will look something like this:

  2. In Webflow, set the form’s Action parameter to the URL you got in step 1 and set the Method to POST.

  3. Paste the code below into Project Settings > Custom Code > Footer Code. This code will identify any form on your site posting to Basin and submit it via AJAX instead.

(Edit: The forum appears to be hiding my code. You can find it at this URL:

Hope you find this helpful!

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Thanks! This is really helpful. Everything worked flawlessly.

I needed to add recaptcha as well. I followed the Webflow University steps. The form appeared to send out and it gave the success message but I didn’t receive anything. Next, I read through the Basin Steps for recaptcha integration. They list their own site key for use. So you have to go back into Webflow’s form settings and swap out the site key for theirs, then it works. I kept the original secret key.