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Form submissions to third-party service with native interactions

Sadly, it seems like UseBasin support is non-existent as they haven’t responded to a single email.

I promise everyone, once I figure this out I will make a super easy video tutorial for all of you.

@webdev - would love your input on what I’m doing wrong. I feel like I’m so close. See previous video post if possible. Thank you!

@DavidDL - This should help you along…

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WOWOWOW. You. Are. AMAZING. It worked!!

I can’t believe you put this together, this is 100x better than UseBasin’s own documentation and summarizes EVERYTHING!!


P.S. Any idea why email validation doesn’t work anymore after this code? If I type in “abc123” to the email field, it will go through.

Validation is/should be happening client side (HTML5 type EMAIL). You can add a regex pattern to limit input or use more sophisticated validation libraries. There is no server side validation so there are limits.

Thank you!

For anyone in the future that needs to setup Invisible reCAPTCHA with Webflow & Usebasin, here are my full instructions:

And here is my tutorial video:

Big thank you to Jeff S @webdev in Webflow Forums, Matt from Usebasin, and Pat Heick @path for help with this.