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Form submit to different e-mail accounts


I may be wrong about this, but I saw that I can only specify one email address for all submit buttons in forms on a single website. Is this true? or how can I assign different e-mails for different forms in one website?
Can anyone help me with this, please?


Hi Anna!

You can have it sent to multiple emails if you want as well - simply list them out (separated by commas) in the 'Send form submissions to:' field on the Forms tab in your site settings:

Let me know if this helps!



That's great to know @Mat . But I want to know if I can use separate submit buttons fopr each email address.
Here, let me show you what I'm working on:
Each button should send the message to a different department in the company.


Hi Anna!

Currently that isn't something you would be able to do through Webflow - but one thing you could do is have 3 forms, where each form is inside of a tab, and they can simply tab to the department they want to reach out to!


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