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Form will not work correctly for me


Hello I have a share link and a screen shot of error for a Form called tester.html
this is a test form intended to actually work correctly.and keeps getting the attached error????

I would really appreciate someone taking a look at this and giving me some suggestions or workarounds.. I am new with webflow and have not worked with your form options too much... VERY STUCK

Once I see how we must make this work then I NEED HELP WITH making my forms work called assessment_mobile and assessment_mobile2 each form has a total of 162 question including the NAME and PIN
ALL fields are Required...

I had the Name and PIN in a different Container just removed the button and it would not work...
Then created tester.html and moved the elements into the rest of the form wrapper and thought I could get around the error and it still shows up as Required yet it does not see my info when I complete the online form...

I also have this at live where I get the error...

I sure could use a SOLUTION as I have a ton of hours in the 160 question layout and hate to start all over with a different program .. this will be helpful for me to see what I have broken so I can remember for future forms..

ALSO I have a long url in the action your program will not let me place what I prefer just hccsurvey.php is there a work around for this?


Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]


GOOD NEWS! I was able to FIX error showing up on ATTACHMENT...

I had 4 answers out of 160 that would NOT let me place a correct ID name so I attempted to delete those questions with hopes of re-adding them so this may still be an error that I need a work around on - for now I have made progress..

Still wondering if there is a way for me to shorten my Action info instead of using the domain name in the field..

I have actually been able to get the FORM to work so the action field is working... what do you think we need to do?

Again thank you so much for your help... glad I fixed part of the problems with the form.. should know more today ..

all help is appreciated...


Hello, @bruceo

It is a little bit hard clearly understand what help do you need.

Let me know if I am wrong, you want that after signing up the form from "assessment_mobile" page user has been redirected to some other page?


We are unable to understand what you are trying to do here. Why do you need to set a php as the form action? Where is this php file hosted?


Hello Sabanna, thank you for contacting me... GOOD NEWS! I was able to FIX error showing up on ATTACHMENT...

I have reworked and reworked the form and believe I have all of my mistakes corrected on the form so things are matching up pretty nicely.

I believe the ONLY issue I have is that I have to have a LONNNNNNNNNG action url when my old form software only was looking for the short file.php

Did not know if you had a way to get around this for the Submit button.. that is my only question on the Form at this time... again thank you for the help. bruceo


Hello Samliew, thank you for asking ... I am hosting on my Godaddy servers and the old form I had made used a short action path but with Webflow it requires http://domain ..... /file.php

Is there a way to make a shorter path for the submit button?

Thank you the long path does work but was not what I was hoping for .. bruceo


No, as the file is hosted on a different domain, you need to use the absolute URL.

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