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Form won't submit!


I’m having trouble getting a form on our website to send/submit. The website is the form I’m referring to is the one over the hero video. Any ideas why it won’t submit? Urgently need this form to work!

EDIT/UPDATE: The form located in the “Request a Quote” page isn’t working either.

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Adding a reCAPTCHA to the hero form fixed the issue but the “Careers” and “Request a Quote” form still aren’t working. I’m guessing it’s due to a conflict with the UploadCare plugin…? :confused:

Just going to remove the UploadCare plugin while I either figure it our or until Webflow makes file upload available under CMS hosting :sweat_smile:


Homepage (on hero) work fine but redirect to broken link 404

The other form also work fine:

Clear cache -or- try to test your site under chrome incognito

Nothing related to reCAPTCHA (Webflow forms work before this idea added).

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