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Format forms to XML


Hi everyone,

A clients needs the emails to be formatted as XML so that when someone submits a form it automatically gets sent to Maex (which is an email program) which sorts the data. Since Webflow only allows us to use the variables listed below and not custom text fields from a form on your site like: {phone number}, I’m running in to a problem.

Does anyone have any idea how I would fix this? For example: send it to a 3rd party service which changes the data and redirects it to maex.

Please let me know!



Does anyone have meaningful input to this? I really need a fix for this. All help is welcome!


Unless there is a 3rd party service capable of processing a text string, extracting the values you need, and forwarding them on in a tidy way, I doubt the native Webflow forms are going to give you the functionality you need.

You could look at a 3rd party form service which allows you to embed their forms (as most do). You could add this to your Webflow site, omit the Webflow form entirely and check what format form responses come in.

If you’re comfortable with jquery / javascript you could write something yourself to take care of this, but I’d say that the 3rd party form service would be the way to go.