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Formatting certain words in a paragraph block


Not sure if this is possible in WebFlow, but say, if I've a paragraph, and there's 3 words in the paragraph, and I want the first word to be Bold / 30pt / Open Sans, and the second word to be Italic / 50pt Times New Roman and son, how do I do it?

It seems when I select a word that I want to apply a certain font style on in a paragraph block, all words in the paragraph changed.

See this mockup I did in PS:

I want "Experience", "another" and "world" to have different font style but when I try to do this in Webflow, the 3 words all end up having the same style.

Do I have to create an individual paragraph block for each word?


Hello @Nikar Yes you would need to create different paragraph blocks for each one, and give each one a separate class and style it accordingly. smile let me know if you need any help with it. smile




Tks a lot guys!

@bartekkustra : Never knew there's such an awesome feature! Love WF forever!


Thanks @bartekkustra smile
You rock man!!!

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