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Formatting Form Submission Data in Email Template



Has anyone figured out a way to customize the way that form submission data gets formatted in the Email Template? As is the data is stacked line by line a rather hard to read when the form has a lot of fields.

Is there a way to output each field to a table cell? Perhaps grab data from a field by modifying the {{formData}}
variable to something like {{formData.Email}} ?


There are two ways to do this. Either export the form data from your dashboard. This gives you a csv file you can open in excel.


Use a free zapier account to take form submission data and push it to a google sheet or excel.


Hi @AlexN,

As far as I can tell Zapier puts all the data in one long row in a Google sheet. I'm looking to separate data out into
easy to read groupings like contact info, project info, options etc.


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