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Forms Problem: Can not receive inquiry form by email



We cannot receive inquiry form now, Kindly help to check and fix it with much thanks.

  1. Checked Project settings - the selected email address is correct.
  2. Also checked our email form submission data which has recorded client’s inquiry this week, but we haven’t receive them by this email.
  3. And also we checked its email box is running as normal, not full, can receive email at the moment. But cannot receive email over our website’s contact form.

Contact email:


You have to contact support to remove your client’s email address from the blacklist.



Thanks for your reply. I sent email request by email to yesterday morning, But havent got any reply one day left. Any solutions that i can contact support team? We need to resolve the problem immediately… Much thanks.




Currently, we found out that one of our selected email address has been blocked. Kindly help to fix it. Thanks.