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Forms work only with hosting from webflow?


i want put some form on my website but i now on free plan.
forms work only with hosting from webflow? if i export code what happened with form? where i look results? thx


You cant export website if you’re on free plan.
You must upgrade to a Lite or Pro plan to export your site


@Animeshka_Animeska_3 email sending from froms is handled on the server. If you export your code and host elsewhere, you would need to set up the form handling on the server you are hosting on… When you host on Webflow, they take care of the server-side code for you.


Not entirely true. I believe If you are on a plan you can export and host site elsewhere, even with webflow forms. Since they are processed via webflow - as long as your subscription is active.

Someone can correct me if im wrong.


Ah good point @Throatscratch ! I know there is a current bug where if you export, host elsewhere, and unpublish the site, the form submissions still go through to Webflow. Here is that thread: Form submissions go through after site is unpublished

However, I do not know the expected behaviour for all scenarios, and how this bug fix will affect exported site with forms.

Someone from Webflow would need to clarify.


If you export it and host elsewhere providinged you don’t change any of the code it will still work.


what means form handling on a server


@Animeshka_Animeska_3 This means that all email sending must be handled/performed/coded on the server. It’s impossible to send an email with only the front-end code of HTML/CSS/JS… So, to send an email from a form you need to have a server with code that sends the email.


is it possible to download code for that somewhere ?