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Foxy e-cart issue with webflow site design. I think its more design than foxycart


I am trying to make the foxy “add to cart” button disappear if an item is sold. So I thought I could make a white div box just a slight bit bigger than the button.

I think it works on a sold page, but when you got to another item that is not sold. the whole page disappears. I try to click to grab anything. its seems it just the body. Go back to the page that has the div white block and everything is back.

I figured I could make the white div block with the conditions SOLD is equal to SOLD then place div. if sold is not equal is should not place the div.


Hi @warcraftman68.
Thank you for posting your issue. I’m more than happy to help you with this, but would like to better understand your goals/setup first. Are you available for a quick phone/Skype call? I’ll private message you.



not at the moment. I will be back around 3 or 3:30


No worries. Please private message when you’re available.