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Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could give any advice on my situation. I am trying to build a website that will be used to sell magazine (one off issues and subscription), and to publish articles. The website also needs to be able to support authentication of users so visitors can sign up to the website to have access to member-only articles, and for people with subscription to be able to review their subscription information if possible. I have been looking at different integrations with Webflow to see what would be the best solution and so far here is what i’ve tried:

In terms of authentication, I have used Firebase (thanks to the tutorial by @jasondark - thank you for those), and it was working great apart from two key issues:

  • we are having issue to add custom fields to the sign up process (the information was submitted but would not be remembered in firebase, and trying to link it with firestore is proving a bit tricky)
  • we also found no easy way to create a rule to make sure that member-only article (flagged by a switch in the article cms) would only be seen by users that are logged in.

To counter those issues, we’ve started looking at Memberstack, and so far this is looking like a great option considering that we can add all the custom fields that we need, and that there are ways to hide member-only content in quite a straight forward way.

In regards to the shop, we are currently using foxy, which has been great and we’ve been able to set up products and subscription. However the main issue now is being able to link it to the authentication process (in Memberstack, or others if you have any other recommendations) to make sure that users with subscriptions can have a profile page with all their info, and the ability to change their payment details etc.

So my question really is do you have any recommendations for integrations or ways to be able to do this?

Thank you for your help

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You may want to engage the team and look at the API. They may have a recent project where this has come up before.

You have a rather complex use case for Webflow. You may discover that you will need to create a middleware app that bridges the chosen tools. Honestly, a Webflow hosted site would not have been my choice for this, since you really need server side application logic to create a seamless experience.

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I have been in touch with Foxy and am waiting on Memberstack to get back to me.

What platform do you think would be more appropriate than Webflow in my case then?

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That depends on programming languages you or your developer(s) support. If you were well versed in PHP, I would suggest you look at CMS/CMF. Everything you would need for this type of site is native to the core API in Processwire and Foxy integration is very common. You could skin your site with Webflow as well.

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Hi Julie!

I’m trying to create a similar site. Did you try Processwire? Or what was your final solution?

Any tips to share on how you’re tackling the problems you detailed?

Hi Ets,

No we haven’t tried processwire, our development team is tied over at the moment so we’re trying to do as much without too much development.

At the moment we have the sign up on one site handled by Memberstack, and the shop handled by Foxy - but the two aren’t merging.

We know it is possible because of the way they both work (with custom attributes to be added to your content, and there is the possibility to link them together) However because it requires custom development to be able to change the foxy template to integrate the custom attributes to the field, and introduce the field needed to create a sign up form, we haven’t gotten to that point in the website yet.

We’re getting the shop and the sign up both to be working on their own first :slight_smile:

Hi Julie!

Did you manage to find a workaround for integrating both MemberStack and Foxy?

Hi Jamie,

No at the moment they are not linked however both have zapier integrations, so i’m waiting for Memberstack to add a new action of “add new member” to be able to link them together.

Hope that helps

Hi all.
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