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Free ebooks and courses collection site



as a side project, I built snape-class Where you can easily find free e-books and Courses in a one place.

Total working time: 45h 24m. Contains: Content collection, design-dev. Except typeform, zapier, and MailChimp extensions, the entire project was done in WebFlow.

With the Webflow cms API, resources coming from users with TypeForm are transformed directly into content.

I would like to hear your views and suggestions.


@serhad Nice project :thumbsup:

The site is nice too.

This is intentional, right? That the number of books don't appear on hover state.

Interesting that you send the ebooks by mail and they aren't just downloadable online.
Just curious:
- Is the process automate?
- How are you grabbing the book details from the forms?


Hi @Anna_Kelian Thanks :slight_smile:

The hover state was intentionally done so. I tried a hover state to make the information architecture interactive not just for aesthetics.

Did you try to download a book?

a.Books are hosted in dropbox.
b. Dropbox download links entered cms book collection.
c. I put a div between the form element and the success form submission element and added the cms links there.
d. When user click submits after fielding the form. User information goes my MailChimp account by zapier
e. Same time there are click-Animation on success form page When user click gets download link button div, appears Which contains downloads link.



Thanks for the explanation @serhad