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[Freelancer found] Need Webflow freelancer to create Multi-dimensional filtering for product page with MixitUp | Need ASAP

UPDATE: Freelancer found.


We are in need of a Webflow freelancer who knows MixitUp to create Multi-dimensional filtering for our products (which is CMS content) using both sorting and filtering and showing the number of results for that query using MixitUp.

We need it on 2 pages, the Gear page and the Gear for Beginners page, with the Gear for Beginners page having ‘best’ and ‘beginner’ filters pre-checked. We also need to be able to update the UI in the future without it breaking the filtering and sorting.

We are on a tight time crunch, and need this done by EOD Monday EST.

Please email me at or PM me if this is something you can do and are interested in. Please include examples of sites you’ve built Multi-dimensional filtering in.

This is the Gear page (live) to give you an idea of what needs to be done.

hello Sophia,

sending you email. do check.