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From Checkbox to animated Toggle Switch


Hey guys!

Just wanted to share this toggle switch made out of a checkbox (no custom code), it's clone-able in case anyone'd like to use this in a form.

here it is:



Awesome work loving your stuff :+1:


would you or anyone else be interested in creating a simple yes/no toggle like this and make it clone-able?

i actually found this post after doing a search to see if anyone has done it.


Hey @dapitts08,

I went ahead and made a simple working example of those Yes/No toggles, made it public and clone-able.
Here you go:


OMG ... you rock!!!! thank you!!!!


That's awesome! Very cool, thanks for sharing


Too cool @SidneyOttelohe nice job!

For those of you working on animations based upon Checkboxes here are a few tips:

  • Select the little checkbox element itself (the checkmark box) and set its opacity to 0%
  • The checkbox text field is clickable and toggles the checkmark as checked/un-checked
  • Use a click interaction of clicking on the checkmark text to affect other elements on first and second click :wink:


@SidneyOttelohe Suuuuuuper nice work Sid! :smiley:

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