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FTP acess/upload possibilty



is it possible to upload data via FTP if my site is hosted with weblfow?


Hi @Samuel_Grausgruber

The main options for getting data/docs into Webflow are:

Uploading to the asset manager (manual):

Uploading CSV to the CMS:

Or you can venture into the world of Zapier integrations:

If you feel there is a missing feature, be sure to add or vote on items at


Thank you. Is it possible to add javascript files to my website? I am currently developing one to get custom map data.


Hi Samuel,

You have a few options on that front:

  • Applying custom code to the whole site, in the Project Settings - Custom Code area
  • Applying it at page level in the ‘Page settings’ inside the actual designer.
  • Adding an embed element on an actual page (possibly what your are looking for with a custom map)

In each case, it’s not a case of uploading a file, but actually pasting in the code.

Hope that’s useful :slightly_smiling_face: