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Full Screen Lottie Transition


Hi Again, I was wandering if you could have a look at the test page I made:

there are two portions - one is pages (home/about/contact) and second (home-2/about-2/contact-2)
the first one has a white page transition lottie animation and it works seamlessly - you can’t see any jumping of the page…

the second part has a different transition with staggered circles… I have used the same settings and everything (the only difference I placed elements into symbols) but there is a flicker when pages change - and I can’t figure out why is it not working as seamlessly as the first one

@tai - If its not too much trouble please have a look - if you can help me solve this!

Here is the READ ONLY LINK

Please add this to the UI! That would be awesome!

BTW - it is pretty straight forward as is - I put together a tutorial and a demo page to demonstrate - have a look - and it works very well

It is super easy yes, I’ve just put it wayyyyy too much into a test project I am doing. It’s like Lottie city up there.

I think though it would be even easier if it was in the UI. I’m imagining it like the background image style panel, so you can set cover or whatever style you want. Make it a little more user friendly.

Well if they are going to implement it, all the options for various modes should be included… If I understand they have same options that are equivalent to objectfit: - cover, contain etc…

That being said it would be great if the objectfit would also be added :slight_smile: