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Full Width Bug on Sticky Element


Hey guys,
I've had the same problem on a website for a couple months.

I have a sticky header element (phone number) that extends the width of the website. Super annoying and can't find the cause. I tried wrapping the element in a div that has a max-width of 100% with overflow hidden and it didn't help. Here's my LINK

Thanks for any help resolving this design issue!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @dsgnr great question and thanks for reaching out!

It looks like your custom code embed has a set width of 340px on it which is causing this issue:

A possible solution is to set your container element (the parent element of that embed) to be set to overflow: hidden. Or adjust the width of that element to 240px. :slight_smile:


Hi @waldo thanks for the quick response.

Changing that embed element did not fix the issue. If you check the site on a phone ( it is indeed the sticky phone number at the top extending the width of the site.

Any other ideas?

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