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Fullpage.js doesn't work

Hi, I’m trying to use fullpage.js on my project.
I followed this tutorial : Webflow Guide Custom Code: Webflow Interactions With fullPage JS

But it doesn’t work, the website stuck on one section.

Here is my read only link : Webflow - Monceau CPA

Thank you very much for your help !!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Um, you didn’t add the ‘fullpage’ ID attr to your main content wrapper.

I had a quick look on the link you gave and for example on the page called, Home, you have not set the “fullpage” div id on the parent container (Content).

Also for each section of your page, you need to have the class name,“section”, also included.

I just did, can you check ?

I just did ! It’s stuck on a section

can you send a live link to see it?

yes, here is my link : Webflow - Monceau CPA

you need to send me a published link to see what errors are popping up in your developer console of your browser.

Now that you have included “fullpage” as a class ID of your parent container div. I also saw that you placed “section” as class ID for your section divs. That is incorrect.

The “section” needs to be entered as a class name not as a class ID.If “section” is not declared then the fullpage.js wont scroll your page.

Look at the example you followed from DigitalMast. Under the parent container, they have several sections and each section includes a class name of “section”.

Webflow Guide Custom Code: Webflow Interactions With fullPage JS - Go to Step 3 and see they mention including section as a class name, without you declaring section class name, it wont work.

Do you understand the difference between class name and class ID?

Ok, I just did. I removed the class id section and put a class name data-anchor with firstslide, secondslide, … like in the cloneable project.
Here is the published link :

I can’t seem to see the changes you have made. See attached image as an example.