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FullPage.js Horizontal Scroll / Slider


Hi all,

[I`ve cloned this]( and it`s all working. So far :slight_smile:

I`m looking to create this horizontal scrolling effect for Section 2.

I have no idea where to even start.

Read Only Link Link

Thank you so much, guys.


#2 mentions that you just have to add divs with class = slide within each section.


Thank you so much for your help samliew.

I added a div and added “slide” class with no luck?

Thank you @samliev.


I don’t see that in your published site.


Oh, I`m sorry, I changed it. I was working on it.

I just changed it back to having a “div” with a “slide” class.
No luck :slight_smile:

Here`s where it is

Thank you so much for your help, man.