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Fullpage with scollable sections?


I have fullpage set up on my site but it is just a one section to the next and I want it to have certain sections so be scrollable then once the certain scrollable section ends then it does the fullpage scroll onto next section. Is this doable with scroll overflow somehow?



Can you please provide an example website that has this effect or a graphic of the action you are describing?


Sure, an example is after you click on "improve your home" or "advance your career".

Notice how certain sections are scrollable until it reaches the end then it does the "fullpage" scroll onto the next section. Is this doable with fullpage or is this something entirely different?



Nothing...? :cold_sweat:


Hey @aOne Have you had a look at this topic yet? Not sure if its what you are looking for but it might offer some insights. You may need some basic knowledge of JS for the tutorial.

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