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Future Of Web Design List


I compiled a list of some of my favorite websites below, hopefully others pull inspiration from the below sites to build even better things on Webflow with IX2. Feel free to share sites that inspire you or new things you are trying with IX2 Below.

Web Design/Development Research

Target: Phenomenal Websites, With Examples of outstanding Creativity/Branding/Interaction/Video/Navigation/Development

Websites: (Unique use of Motion Graphic Design for Hero Section)

Interactive Experiences / Abstract (AN Interactive Journey Through 10 Years of Sound Uses advanced interactions utilizing your space bar and more to put you in control of this abstract site) (Another Interactive Experience Site)

Nice Never Ending Grid Layout using AGAX/Angular: (Super Neat Grid Layout - Awwwards site of the day) (Experimental Navigation , Could be applied to E Commerce)

Read This Blog Post To Really Think Ahead:


Wow what a wonderful and inspiring list! Thanks for pulling this together and sharing. The trouble is you have presented me with so many ideas and challenges I don’t know where to start!!! Thanks again


Great ideas for designs, really inspiring


Ofcourse!! I’m glad you enjoyed the list :smiley: feel free to continue adding to it as you explore the web :slight_smile: @RoseWebStudio