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GDPR opt-out cookie banner


Hello there,

I know there are several other cookie consent topics, but none answer the actual question I’m looking for. I have been searching the forums, university and GDPR articles for two days now and I couldn’t find a closing answer. As most of us know by now, GDPR has heavy restrictions on how to use cookies, tracking software etc. I found several third-party cookie banners which are easy enough to implement into a Webflow hosted site IF you only need to let the user know cookies are being used and you want a standard layout. I would like to create a custom layout and for most websites I’ll be creating, this won’t be GDPR compliant. An opt-out option isn’t enough either. I’m looking for an opt-in solution which I can manipulate inside the Designer myself.

This means I need to block all cookies, until a user gives their consent by clicking a button. Then it needs to load the cookies and remember the choice and via a different button the user needs to be able to revoke the choice.

So three function: 1. I agree (load cookies+remember choice+hide div), 2. I decline (don’t load cookies+remember choice+hide div), 3. I revoke on policy page (delete remember choice cookie and reshow the div).

Achieving 1. and 2. is almost explained on this university page, so I know it’s possible to make it custom:

Problem is that this is only for the Facebook Pixel and again doesn’t do the full 1. 2. & 3. For info: I’m using Google Tag Manager (script in header custom code) to load multiple tracking software (Google Analytics, Pixel, Hubspot) and only the cookies need to be blocked from loading on page load. Other functionalities should still load, like page load in Google Analytics. Can’t just block the entire GTM script until consent.

How do we block ALL kinds of cookies loaded through GTM on page load until consent is given via a self made div/button? Or is this easier when not using GTM but loading the different scripts from GA, Pixel and HubSpot in separately in the head? And otherwise: how do we implement Cookie Consent by Insites opt-in compliance type as shown on these links: &

Hope someone can help. Thank you in advance.

Cheers Daniel