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Geo Components: 2d map, 3d globe, and geolocation util


The script doesn’t require editing… you just have to add data attributes in 3 places, explained in the site.

  • loads the WebGL Earth library and starts the globe with Open Street Map tiles
  • copies the html for each data-geo-place element to a marker for the globe
  • adds click listeners to those place elements to open the marker and pan to it

The library that I’m using doesn’t have great touch support. You can navigate the globe by tapping the place elements though, so it’s somewhat usable on mobile.

I want to do more globe/mapping components as part of this project. Next might be a lat/lon input for forms, bound to a draggable map.

Let me know if you do something with this!

Tangential: making globes by hand in 1955.


mmmm ideas…

Thanks for this!


:new: :new:

Todo: address to coordinates (geocoding)? Coordinates form input?