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Geo-targeting content


Hi! I’ve got a website which has customers mainly in the UK, Australia, NZ and USA.

The product really can be used by any country anywhere, so I make the website a .com worldwide website (not a website for each region).

The problem is there are one or two places where I do want geo-specific content. For example on the Pricing page, the template and all the content on the page can be the same across the world, but I just need the pricing to change depending on what country you are viewing the page from.

(Ideally I would also change the ‘Contact Us’ numbers to be geo-specific as well, and automatically recognise what country a form is being submitted from without having to have a country field - but I’m happy to live with other workarounds for these… the main problem is that pricing).

Does Webflow have anything built in here that can help these pricing figures change by country?

I did some looking into it and I did find a company called Geolify ( that seems to help with this as a third party tool. But there is a bit of complexity and coding there (and apparently no integration with Weblow), so I’m not sure if it will give me what I’m after. Ideally it would be in Webflow itself. Or maybe there is another solution here that I’m not considering?

Thank you so much in advance, and here is my site FYI:

Geo-targeted features
Geo-targeted features


I also wonder :blush:

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GeoTargetly is a newer version of Geolify linked to in the previous topic, but that topic is locked.
If you’re looking into adding geo location specific changes to your site, you could give this one a try:

Not affiliated, but it’s been useful to me.